Alt rocker Nick Lamb releases double single, "Getting High Off You" and "Simple Man"

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Growing up in extreme poverty in a small coal town in Pennsylvania and born to parents, writer Lorraine Lamb and performer Tom Lamb, Nick Lamb was raised immersed in writing and music.

His father, Tom, played country music and rock ‘n’ roll on local radio stations and at town functions, becoming pretty much a local celebrity, even playing at the annual policeman’s ball.

His mother, Lorraine, was a full-time mother, raising 5 boys while also penning away 3 historical novels on her old typewriter (none were published).  She told her son, “you have the best parts of both your father and I!”

Drawing from his background, Lamb’s soul-warming compositions are the material of his passions and Lamb’s latest single is of no exception.  “Getting High Off You” highly praises his wife and while embellishes heavily on the impact of her love, delves into the additive of love being both free and happy.

The track brushes across a highly energized sound, plateauing off a rioting and enthused cadence.  A high order of classic rock ‘n’ roll fare, Lamb’s keyed up vocals will really show you a riveting good time.  Radio-active electric guitar riffs and a fast drumming beat makes this fervent rock music.

Lamb’s other single, “Simple Man” is filled with the contemplative sounds of numerating over the acoustic guitar.  The simple arrangement contains an emotional and heartfelt delivery.  The passionate song is immersed with heart-warming feelings and a thought-provoking sound.  A quiet but highly dynamic track, this guitar-driven composition is about the simplicity of love.

Nick Lamb’s style is simply all about a good ole rocking and rolling good time!

Ever since he was given a one speaker cassette deck player and two Def Leppard cassette tapes, music has been his main outlet.

Growing up poor has made Lamb more attuned to life’s greatest gifts and this has left him with the ambition to integrate his passions into his music.

Without pause, Lamb raised the ante with his emotional and heartfelt compositions.

The alternative pop/rock artist will be releasing his first independent album, Rock N Roll’s My Road, at the end of May and “Getting High Off You” will be the first single off the album.

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