Ajay Mathur blends Americana with psychedelic rock in 'Little Boat'

Little Boat Album Cover, Ajay Mathur

Ajay Mathur is a Grammy-nominated artist who was born in India and now currently lives in Switzerland.  Mathur has not forgotten his roots, imparting on his Americana creations with Led Zeppelin-like guitars and exotic instrumentation.  Every melody and tune that he forges has traces of his Indian background, filled with exotic instruments, giving the music a bit of World flavor.

Come journey on Mathur’s Little Boat, a vehicle in which he takes us through his personal experiences.  Requisite life lessons and hard-earned truths have made him a firm believer that bouncing back after life has landed him a few and that is what growing stronger is all about.  In that vein, Little Boat goes toward that trajectory in an imaginative and brilliant way.

The album opens up with “Here’s The Love” that speeds through the track with psychedelic guitars and with a great classic rock vibe.  The dramatic sound coming from this song has some gritty outtakes with a great guitar rock twang.  Drums and percussions also fill this track with a great energetic feel.  Mathur’s sandpapery vocals give a gritty, bluesy feel to the electric rock song as well as producing a smoldering, dark vibe.

“Forget About Yesterday” has a wonky beginning, starting off with a revving harmonica tune that is driven by a country twang feel.  With a great Americana appeal, there is an energized vibe to the vocals and music.  Mathur sings here with gusto with the track permeating with the sounds of the accordion, a string of guitars, and the steady rhythms on drums and bass.  About spending good energy on not dwelling on the past, the fun-loving vibe on the song is a part of a positive message.  In this uplifting momentum, the Americana sound blended with psychedelic and some exotic instrumentation incorporates an International take on the overall uniquely country-driven music.

“Start Living Again” starts off with a smattering of drums and the harmonious blend of Mathur’s vocals.  Mathur really belts out the tunes on this slower striding ballad.  The track starts off strong, taking on the motto of ‘getting it together’ after any tremendous heartbreak.  Mathur’s vocals here conjures a bit of retro vibe with a New Wave twist to the Americana track.

“Grooving In Paris (All My Choices)” has a groovy sound, grooving with a great bluesy feel to the song.  With a catchy appeal and an upbeat cadence to the sunny sound, the trumpets that underline the track gives off an energized vibe.  About all the lovely things in life and how we can get distracted by them before getting to the grit and bones of what makes life substantial, this is a fun-loving song that is also like a breath of fresh air.

The title-track, “Little Boat” has a great psychedelic guitar vibe and an exciting and electric sound.  The elegant strings gives off a luxuriated and decadent feel to the song.  The slower sauntering track resounds with reverberating guitars.  The pretty dynamic ballad is about a ‘little boat,’ which is a metaphor for resilience.  Mathur after witnessing the destruction of a small vessel resolves to keep on going.  A thrilling guitar solo sounds off toward the end of the song.

“There We Are (Do It Right Or Not At All)” recalls a '70s retro rock vibe that is also resplendent with a Contemporary Radio tune.  The great classic rock fare encompasses a jazzy flair, filled with the sounds of the electric guitar and rhythms on drums and bass.

“My Wallet Is A House Of Cards” starts off with the sounds of acoustic guitar in the beginning gradually, then build a wall of instrumentation of drums, electric guitars and bass evenly stroll in.  The excessively exuberant cadence gives off an energized feel.  The track is also down with the rough and gritty and a big banging bluesy vibe.  The reverb-drenched guitars have a grinding sound and a great classic rock feel.  There is a great energy and enthused pull to the busy wall of revving guitars.  A psychedelic electric guitar solo is excellently executed towards the end of the song.

The keyed-up energy on the previous tracks slows down on this number.  “Ordinary Memory” recalls a Beatles-esque sound with this song.  Catchy and melodious, the track is filled with exotic instruments, giving off a big of International flavor to the song.  The combination of vocals give a hyped and amped feel to the track.  The vocal harmonies also provide a soaring effect to the music, offering up a nearly ethereal vibe.

“While I’m Still Standing Here” has a great pop sensibility, harkening to a 60’s retro twist.  With a great classic rock feel, the upbeat and catchy melody paves the way for a bright, sunny sound that melds together classic rock with unique instrumentation pairings.  The invigorating tune gives off an energized vibe.  Mid-way through the song, the track crescendos with some reverb and white noise and then the sole sound of the guitar cuts in.  The movements within this song are seamless and add a poignant feel.

“All Your Thoughts” is a stripped down track that begins with the sole sound of the acoustic guitar and vocals.  Next, the cadence of the harmonica sidles in.  The harmonica gives off a country-twist to the overall psychedelic rock track.  The strumming of the acoustic guitar underlines this slower striding country-twang song.

“Who’s Sorry Now” starts off with a Western vibe mixed in with World Music flavors.  This song is a departure from the rest of the organically rock-geared cadences found on this album, mixing in electronic beats to the overall International-driven sound.  With an ethereal and soaring vibe, there is an airy feel to the track.

“Time For Deliverance” begins with the sounds of the electric guitar and the thrilling cadences of the sax that gives off a fervent bluesy feel to the song.  The track reverberates with a Gospel-inspired sound from the choral background on the refrain.  About Mathur who isn’t about to give up on love anytime soon, the sizzling saxophone sounds off on a solo venture mid-track.

“Kartehuus” is a fast revving track that dazzles with speedy guitars and drums.  The out-of-control vibe is embedded with psychedelic guitars that sounds off with dramatic effect.  Towards the end of the track, the drums do a solo.

Talented and seasoned musician Ajay Mathur rolls off with these exciting new tunes and curtails the ordinary on this brand new release.

Geared towards guitar-driven tracks that blend in Americana and a classic rock vibe with a smattering of psychedelic, Mathur hones in on the exotic with unique instrumentation.  This 13-track compilation is based on real-life experiences.  Expertly rendered through personalized storytelling, Mathur’s Little Boat is an electrifying album that blends pure rock excess with Americana and the psychedelic.

Exquisitely executed, Mathur’s sound and style recall such legendary acts such as The Beatles, David Bowie and Tom Petty.

Little Boat is riveting with many a jam-packed jam-session.

Have a listen today!

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