5 Seconds of Summer drops 'Want You Back' music video

Seconds of Summer releases the 'Want You Back' music video.

In light of the soon-to-be-released album, 5 Seconds of Summer has released the music video for their first single from the album.

From the "Want You Back" video, you can tell the Australian band is moving away from their traditional pop-punk sound.

In an interview with Billboardguitarist Michael Clifford described what the sound of the band's third album is like.

"It's really hard to explain what the sound is without actually hearing it." he said.

"It's not necessarily more electronic; it's not just rock… That's the thing with rock and punk music -- it's always mainly been about energy."

He went on to explain the influences of the new album. "It's kind of taking a mix of '90s… It's so hard to explain… There's a bunch of garage… The ways we do the gang vocals is kind of like Beastie Boys-ish. Then we have somber pianos on songs… It all makes sense."

You can hear the band's new sound in the vibrant music video for 'Want You Back' here:

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