"ZOOO" HoloLense app lets you keep wild animals in your very room

ZOOO, HoloLens, Microsoft, Augmented Reality

Yep, even a T-rex.

Ever wanted to see the craziest animals in your very own room? Something like, oh, say, a T-rex? How about a tiger? Well, now you can.

While most people that have a smartphone have seen apps use augmented reality, there are headsets that bring it to a whole new level. Microsoft's HoloLens is a great example, where the sensors are able to see the depth and dimensions of the room you're standing in so that anything generated will realistically react to your environment. ZOOO is an app available for $4.99 from the Microsoft Store that makes great use of the technology.

ZOOO, HoloLens, Microsoft, Augmented Reality
Credit: YouTube

The app has 13 animals to view, each with their own unique qualities. It starts with bringing up a 3D globe with all of the animals appearing in their unique locations, and users can choose the animal they want to view using hand gestures. When selected, they emerge into view through the HoloLens from the floor or the walls. Some are more complex than others, as some simply stare at you (try staring at the eyes of a tiger for five minutes straight) while some make noise and move around your room in a realistic way.

The best feature of the app is how it utilizes the HoloLens' room sensors. Obviously, many of the animals, such as the giraffe or elephant, would never fit into an average room. It compensates for their size in a funny way: the giraffes head will comically poke right through your ceiling, and the elephant will fall through the bottom of your floor.

ZOOO, HoloLens, Microsoft, Augmented Reality
Credit: YouTube

The T-rex might be the most entertaining, though, as it crashes through your wall in a horrifying Jurassic Park fashion.

To see more of what ZOOO has to offer, check out the video below!

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