Top 10 Once Upon a Time' pick-up lines for Valentine's Day

Originally published February 7, 2015

Want to send that someone special in your life a less common valentine? Well, here’s your chance. This is a list of 10 Once Upon a Time themed pick-up lines.


Once Upon a Time, Pick up lines, valentine's day
Credit: ABC

Since most of these pick-up lines contain sexual innuendos, they’re just as applicable to those who are already in relationships as they are to those trying to get a date. Of course, you should heed the disclaimer that the person you’re sending your message to may be more appreciative of it if they are Once Upon a Time fans as many of these pick-up lines are character and/or scene specific. However, simply explaining the character behind the line may be enough for your respective bae to enjoy the humor in it.

Naughty or nice, I hope you find just the right message for your valentine!

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