Spotify releases Pandora-like playlist app 'Stations'

Spotify has released an app similar to Pandora that focuses on genre-based playlists called 'Stations.'

The app, which is currently only available on the Google Play Store, seems to only be in early testing phases. It currently sits at less than 5,000 downloads and is run by Spotify Australia.

In its description, it boasts that the app can be used to find the right thing to play seamlessly and without challenge. It plays music as soon as you open the app and users can easily switch through stations by scrolling through the options presented to them, which ranges from specific moods to encompassing genres.

Spotify, Stations, Stations by Spotify
Credit: Stations by Spotify

Spotify is staying quiet about the new app, though. Speaking to TechCrunch, they declined to share any specific details other than saying, “We are always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time.”

If you've tried out the app, or are interested in Spotify's endeavor into Pandora territory, let us know what you think about Stations in the comments below!

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