Recap: John Oliver announces his candidacy for Italy's Prime Minister on 'Last Week Tonight'

"Incredibly, I am far from your worst candidate."

John Oliver started off this episode of Last Week Tonight by bringing up an old case that the whole show has been embroiled in for a few months. After running a segment on coal, Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy Company, sued the show for defamation. However, Oliver brought out his furry squirrel friend to announce that the judge plans to dismiss the case, giving Oliver a chance to take a victory lap.

Moving on, Oliver jumped into the news cycle from the week which included updates on the Parkland school shooting and gun reform conversations. He addressed the proposal by President Trump to arm teachers in schools. He noted how the NRA, of course, would agree with this plan as the solution is to buy more guns. On the opposing side of this plan is teachers, however. A clip showing the National Education Association President explaining her opposition to the plan led Oliver to note: "she's using the patient, exasperating tone of a teacher explaining something to the dumbest student in her class, which in a way, she is."

Next, Oliver jumped into India who hosted several foreign dignitaries last week including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who exhibited several Indian-style garbs that, according to one Indian fashion designer made him look like "a backup dancer for a cheap Bollywood movie." Oliver also dug into Donald Trump Jr.'s trip to India, which bled the line between personal business venture and under the table foreign policy excursion.

The main story on Last Week Tonight featured Italy, a "large European country teetering on the edge of chaos." This week, Oliver took an in-depth look into the upcoming Italian election for Prime Minister taking place on March 4. The candidates for the race include a 31-year old idealist, a far-right politician idolized by extremists, and Berlusconi, former Prime minister who is banned from running from office until 2019 for tax fraud.

Disliking the slew of candidates, Oliver took advantage of the loophole of no Italian citizenship requirement for running for the position. Oliver brought out a baby lamb and showcased his remote control volcano to the audience. He even shot a fake segment of him losing on an Italian game show. "Why did I go through the trouble of faking an Italian game show where I lost?" Oliver asks. "I think deep down it's just who I am."

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