Netflix's 'Neo Yokio' with Jaden Smith, Susan Sarandon and Jason Schwartzman [REVIEW]

Imagine Voltron being your personal butler, fighting supernatural adversaries, while in pursuit of love and all things fashionable in an evil high society—well that’s Neo Yokio.

Neo Yokio is one of Netflix’s new Japanese-American anime’s which was released in late September 2017. The show was created by Ezra Koeing, the indie rock band artist and lead vocalist of the Vampire Weekend.

And the six-episode series follows the pink-haired, demon slaying, and always fashion-forward, Kaz Kaan who is voiced by the multi-talented actor and songwriter, Jaden Smith.

Neo Yokio begins by showing Kaan mourning the tragic end of his relationship with the investment banker Cathy, played by Alexa Chung, as he navigates the balance between living a life of luxury and his responsibility as a demon hunter.

The city of Neo Yokio is an alternate timeline of New York City where Kaan loses his spot as the city's most eligible bachelor to his arch nemeses Arcangelo Corelli. Corelli, who is voiced by Jason Schwartzman,  is the number one bachelor according to the giant public billboard list in the middle of Neo Yokio and the wealthy Corelli is always in competition with Kaan.

Kaan is the youngest of his family’s “magistocrats,” which are pink-haired demon slayers who once cleansed the city of evil. Kaan’s aunt Agatha is played by Oscar award-winning actress Susan Sarandon, and she functions as his demon-slaying liaison.

But Kaan is a young bachelor more concerned with mending his broken heart and playing field hockey with his friends Lexy (The Kid Mero)  and Gottlieb (Desus), who are voiced by Viceland's Desus & Mero.

Kaan also travels with his butler, Charles, who is a mega-butler with a humanoid clad and green eyes. The robotic butler is voiced by American and British film star Jude Law, serving as the Alfred to Kaan's Batman. Charles is also used as Kaan's transportation as well as his advisor.

In essence, this show is elegant Caprese Martini's, giant chocolate Toblerone's, and Chanel clothes. But it's also Static Shock and demon slaying exorcism's with a humorous blend of Jaden Smith's Twitter feed.

Have you seen Neo Yokio or any of Netflix's other new anime? Tell us about it below!

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