Need for Speed Payback: Drift your mind into the world of racing [REVIEW]

Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback is just an awesome time killer from Ghost Games.

The developers have done exceptional work in mixing high-quality graphics with intelligent and unique technologies to bring us one of the best arcade racing experience.

Need for Speed is an aggressive drifting experience with extraordinary visuals makes it really a realistic one. The key feature of this Payback version is that it offers an open world with a seamless experience from day to night in any story.

Need for Speed Payback is available over three platforms and it is just wow in all cases.

Speed Payback

Combination of unique features, smart handling and perfect customization will never let you get bored

Apart from a huge clash of awful drawbacks and some great improvements, I never felt that I will get bored with this game. Need for Speed Payback is all the way awesome for speed lovers like me. The effortless drifting, smart handling, strong brakes and getting your car saved by every inch makes this game perfection to me, compelling you to not lift your foot off the accelerator. The speed cards system, with its proficient settings, is a welcoming new feature that will give you a vibe of casino card game in Las Vegas.

However, some will think it’s a weird feature in a car racing game, but it is an interesting and unique one! The derelicts are also a new feature introduced in the game which will give you fun filled time to find chassis all around the map.

And now, I am already feeling hungry for this game again while discussing it’s one of the genius features that is customization department. The developers have done an exceptional job in the customization feature of this Need for Speed Payback version. You can customize each and every part of your car from its bumpers to its horn, which will give you realistic environment to drive your vehicles like a pro.

Speed Payback

Call Need for Speed Payback is amazing but not perfect

While this version is a complete delight to many game lovers, there are steps left or neglected to make it perfect. The game does not feel challenging at certain points with its levels being somewhat straightforward. For car lovers, there is a feeling for the missing cars. Characters will also sometimes frustrate or annoy most of us due to lack of timing and poor acting. For some cars, there are problems while putting on body parts which are really awful. All in all, these are some minor drawbacks which can surely be solved and improved. And surely, these drawbacks will never be a wall between you and great gaming experience.

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