Miami-based producers Läzro and Travis Gibb release EDM/dance debut single, "Take Me Home"

"Take Me Home" Single Cover, Lazro and Travis Gibb

Läzro (Lazaro Rodriguez) and Travis Gibb are two veteran Miami-based producers who are meant for great things.  With a rich family background, Rodriguez grew up in a Cuban household with music in his upbringing.  Born the son of a Cuban immigrant musician, he got his start as a studio tech for Desmond Child, and doing internships at some of the area’s most prestigious studios that include Inner Ear Studios, owned by the world famous Bee Gee’s.

While working on a collaborative project, Rodriguez met and befriended Travis Gibb, son of Barry, which quickly led the duo to collaborate on a variety of projects, including writing and producing for various local and national talent.  With a varied and shared rich musical tapestry under their belt, the sky is literally the limit for the pair.

“Take Me Home” is the duo’s first commercial release and features the vocals of talented and versatile songstress Kyra B on the powerhouse anthem.

The debut single incorporates chill beats and a tropical vibe blended in perfectly with Kyra B’s soulful vocals.  Highlights from the MV include scenes of the cityscape intermingled with footages of dancers jamming in rhythm, showing off their dynamic dance moves in the vibrant nightclub scene.

“Take Me Home” is an electrifying pop track with great EDM and pop sensibilities that fleshes out uplifting vibes with a positive message about self-affirmation.

The single is a great chill, pop anthem, and with its arresting and magnetic appeal, it will keep listeners enthralled with its captivating vibe.

Released by Global Heist Recordings, the happening EDM/dance single is definitely poised for commercial success.

With its catchy and upbeat approach, “Take Me Home” will be sure to land in the circuit of turntables of dance floors everywhere.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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