K-Pop band BTS preps American ARMY with a lesson in Korean

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BTS has entered the American popular mind, crossing national borders and exciting the industry. In 2018 they plan to really ramp up the intensity in America, with the goal of not being a touch and go phenomenon, but the real thing. And that's why recently they took the time to inform fans who are not Korean how they say crowd cues so they can participate in the party and lock into the groove.

BTS  was just on Billboard’s cover stars and gave a small dose of their language with a lesson in Korean for their multinational audience, allowing fans, the ARMY, from everywhere, to understand the vibe better at their concerts so they can participate on cue at their venues.

For example, Jimin started the session with, 소리질러 [So-ri Jil-luh], “make some noise." He said, “When we are at our show, if we shout [So-ri Jil-luh], please make some noise for us."

Suga and RM also taught another great line that is used often in their shows, which is, 모두 뛰어 [Mo-du Twi-uh], or “everybody jump." Obviously, the intent is to coordinate hyped moves with, currently, American fans, according to Billboard.

Love Yourself: Her is the EP where BTS really gained momentum with a song written by Andrew Taggart from the Chainsmokers, which resulted in 73 countries eating up the album with them on top of the iTunes album chart in each of them. BTS also has really made a huge splash in American popular culture, the first Korean band to do so, as they have collaborated with Steve Aoki in a remix of BTS's MIC Drop hitting the Top 40 by storm in 2017.

BTS stands for Bangtan Boys or in Korean, Bulletproof Boy Scouts. RM was the first pick and the foundation for BTS with his other co-artists entering the group by audition. Big Hit started BTS, a smaller company headed by "Hitman" Bang Si Hyuk, who also priorly co-founded the Big Three agency, JYP. BTS had undergone the voracious K-pop training machine, but with the twist as RM says, that Big Hit gives, for the most part, creative control to the artists, according to Rolling Stone.

Just to note, their 2017, Mic Drop remix with Steve Aoki,  with Desiigner as the feature rap figure, has been branded gold by the RIAA,  Recording Industry Association of America,  with, Mic Drop hitting the Billboard Hot 100 for nine weeks, and went as high as No. 28.

Mic Drop got the gold certification after passing 500,000 units of sells. A digital download counts as one unit, while 150 on-demand audio and/or video streams also count as one unit by the RIAA, according to Huff Post.

Whatever country you are from, especially if you are younger, you have most likely listened to BTS, and will also be hearing from them in the future. They have done what K-Pop has been trying to do for awhile, enter into the American mainstream and not just take a dip in, but grab a hold of a longterm successful run to captivate everyone and produce genre-bending high octane music.

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