Dwayne Johnson battles monsters in new 'Rampage' trailer

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Dwayne Johnson has been box office gold lately as his current hit Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is closing in on $900 billion worldwide. His next upcoming film Rampage looks to be another blockbuster success.

Rampage is based off the popular Midway video game series from the late 1980s. It involves giant monsters destroying cities and creating havoc. This new trailer looks to pay great homage to the game and I believe fans of the original game will be pleased.

The trailer is about two and a half minutes long as it shows Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) befriending and bonding with the intelligent gorilla George. A genetic experiment gone wrong transforms George into the popular monster from the game and the chaos ensues.

The film has Dwayne Johnson, massive explosions, giant monsters and plenty of action. Rampage has all the ingredients to be a late spring, early summer box office hit.

Watch the latest trailer below:


Rampage is directed by Brad Peyton (San Andreas) and stars Dwayne Johnson, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Malin Akerman, Joe Manganiello and Naomie Harris.

Rampage opens in theaters April 20, 2018.

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