Up and rising NYC pop/dance artist Joel Phil releases new EP, 'Raise Up'

Raise Up, EP, Cover, Joel Phil

Brought up by Spanish immigrants, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Joel Phil has long fostered a need to seek out a means to express his identity and music has been the perfect conduit in which he could articulately define himself with his passions and ambitions.  Starting off on his musical journey early, Phil wrote and performed his first song at the age of 10.  He found a warm support system through his local community center, who despite having limited funds, helped sponsor many of his early endeavors as a musician.  At the age of 12, he wrote a Christmas song, honoring the center, entitled, “Oh Christmas.”  By the time he was 13, Phil performed alongside Joey Lawrence at the Macy’s Day Parade, and things were looking up for the promising newcomer.

Phil recorded his latest album in Columbia, claiming he was comfortable with the people there.  And with a support system made of his best friends, he found it to be a commendable experience.  The pop singer credits many positive influences throughout his career, among them such legendary acts such as Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Bobby Darin, and Amy Winehouse – all of whom have helped him accomplish his “job (of) bring(ing) lyrics to life.”

Phil’s latest EP, entitled, Raise Up, features the title-track, “Raise Up” which was produced and mixed by an award-winning crew.

Directed by Colombian director Andres Sanchez, the music video to the track opens up with a festive atmosphere with Phil leading in the orchestration of a Columbian festival street carnival scene.  The scene cuts in and out featuring an LGBT man struggling with his identity.  The intensely fueled track dances across highly motivational and inspiring themes, filled with a feel-good spirited vibe with a pop encasement of great electronic dance music vibe.  With an energetic and charged appeal, the song highlights bouncy electronic beats with a driven Latin-fusion backbeat.  A strong rhythmic bassline pinpoints the pulse to this uplifting track that pivots across with a positive message that asks you to stand up for something.

“Raise Up (Spanglish Version)” offers up a Latin-infused track with vibrant percussions that elicit a highly energetic vibe.  Jam-packed with an upbeat electronic vibe and rhythm-heavy bassline, this enthused performance will be sure to entertain.

“Raise Up (Ali Stone Remix)” incorporates bouncy beats with ambient-sounding synths along with a glitchy and sparkly sound, shimmering with an incandescent and great flowy vibe.

“Raise Up (Marc Remix)” starts out with hushed and whispery vocals and melodic keys that pave this track.  An exciting sound could be heard coming from the energized feel-good vibes on this electric dance track.

Joel Phil’s latest project is a daring melodic offering that definitely showcases Phil as an up-and-coming true artist.

“Raise Up” was also a collaborative effort that coalesced under a star-studded collective.

Phil’s first commercial single was produced by Jorge A. Holguin, a two-time Latin Grammy nominee, multiple Platinum records holding, Sayco Award winning, 6 Shock Award-winning producer whose projects have altogether have 70 million plays on YouTube.

The song was mixed by Jaycen Joshua, an academy-praised engineer who’s gotten Grammy nods for his work on hits like “Single Ladies” by Beyonce and “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx.

The song was mastered by Kevin Peterson, an engineer who worked on recent hits like Beyonce’s Lemonade, Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book, and Alicia Keys’ Here.

Feel the temperature raise up for Raise Up.  Enjoy and have a listen today!

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