The top 10 best David Harbour moments in 'Stranger Things'

Yes, the second season Stranger Things has been out for a couple of months now, but we still haven’t stopped talking about. Whether it’s about Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Steve's babysitting skills or the true superhero of Hawkins — Bob the Brain, there’s just too much to discuss.

David Harbour
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Another one of those things we can’t stop rambling on is Chief Jim Hopper. Portrayed by the always great David Harbour, Hopper is a fan-favorite amongst many viewers of the show.

Hopper has had a prominent role in Stranger Things from the very beginning. He’s responsible for keeping the peace in Hawkins, Indiana, meaning he’s always right in the middle of all the strange occurrences going on.

While Hopper may boast a carefree, no f*cks given kind of lifestyle, there’s also a softer side to him — a side that’s revealed more and more as the show continues. He’s haunted by some memories from his past and is now finally given some hope with his new relationships in the future.

Given that David Harbour is up for a SAG Award this year for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama series, we found it fitting to count down our ten favorite Hopper moments from the first two seasons.

Spoilers follow (duh).

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