New York Times cancels James Franco event after he is accused of sexual misconduct

James Franco

Just days after James Franco took home the Golden Globe for The Disaster Artist, allegations of sexual misconduct have caused the New York Times to cancel a special event about the actor.

The Times told Variety, “The event was intended to be a discussion of the making of the film, The Disaster Artist. Given the controversy surrounding recent allegations, we’re no longer comfortable proceeding in that vein.”

It was Franco's support for the Time's Up movement on the Golden Globes Red Carpet that started the conversation that he too was not up to par to lend his voice.

Actress Ally Sheedy made comments that have since been taken down alluding to the idea that both Franco and Christian Slater did something to her in the past.

Franco spoke to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show about the allegations. He told Colbert, The things on Twitter are not accurate." He went on to say he is not upset by the allegations, that everyone deserves a voice and he will not stand in the way.

Memories of the time Franco tried to pick up an underage girl back in 2014 bring up more questions than answers about the actor. The conversation, which included him asking her if he needed to get a hotel room. was leaked on Imgur and remains on the internet.

James Franco

What's your take on the situation? Do James Franco's previously documented exploits make you wonder if he is guilty of sexual misconduct? Tell us below!

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