Netflix's 'Black Mirror' Season 4 episodes ranked

The new season of Netflix’s Black Mirror hit streaming on Dec. 29, once again depicting our deadly yet inevitable future that somehow revolves around technology.

Black Mirror
credit: YouTube


Like the previous seasons of Black Mirror, season four once again contains a display of original stand-alone episodes — meaning that every episode is it’s own contained story, and viewers can watch them in whichever order the please.

This time around, we have six brand new episodes — some of which take place in near modern day, other which takes far, far in the future.

All of them, however, come back to the idea of technology and the impacts it has on our society. Black Mirror has never been a show to shy away from how iPhones and computer screens affect the human condition, and this new season is no exception.

Having now seen the new Black Mirror season, we’re here to rank all six episodes and tell you what we loved about each one of them.

Here’s our list:

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