Google invests $76.8M in Chinese eSports platform Chushou


Google is getting into the business of eSports with an investment in live-stream mobile game platform Chushou. The search engine giant invested $76.8 million in the startup in their Series D search for investors.

Chushou, similar to gaming platform Twitch, is used by mobile device streamers to live-stream games. It was founded in 2015 and currently has 10 million users and as many as 250,000 live streams a day.

The investment isn't much of a stretch as Google tried to buy Twitch back in 2014, which was instead sold to Amazon for $970 million.

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In addition, while eSports is not a new industry, however, it is a rapidly growing one.

Google is known for investing in startups, this could also a way for Google to get into the Chinese market, a place where it's search engine is blocked.

Chushou brought in $120 million USD total from their Series D, which is in preparation for their IPO. Other investors include Shunwei Capital, Alpah X Capital and Qiming Venture Partners.


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