Giuseppe Bonifati Interview Podcast. Listen to the Hot Man Sing.

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Giuseppe Bonifati has been catching underthings on fire worldwide since the opening of "All The Money in the World."

Giuseppe Bonifati was thrilled when he landed a coveted role as attorney Iacovoni in Ridley Scott’s newest film All the Money in the World, but at the time he signed on, he had no idea that the movie would be talked about in a totally different way because of the sudden replacement of Kevin Spacey for Christopher Plummer.  That written, this multi-talented individual couldn’t have been more gracious in the loving and professional ways that he described his director and costars.

Recently, our star interviewer, Michelle Tompkins caught up with Giuseppe for a telephone interview with the heavily accented Italian actor that ended up being a ride on a rollercoaster of charm and bombast.

The interview is funny, earnest, gorgeously illustrative of two people working through language differences, and features a bout of singing from the Italian actor. Definitely not your ordinary tete a tete between cynical professionals.

Ah Giuseppe. We here at The Celebrity Cafe love you!

Check it out

For the full written transcript, click here

Bonifati was born in Calabria, Italy and was always interested in the arts.  He studied at Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Arts in Milan and continued his schooling at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts Silvio D’Amico in Rome and the International Theater Workshops in Venice.

This polyglot speaks Italian, Danish, Spanish, French and English and is professionally trained in four dance styles including ballroom, salsa, tango and waltz and sings, as well as plays the guitar. He is also a published poet and playwright.

Bonifati is the artistic director for the performing arts group Divano Occidentale Orientale, creating and directing all pieces for the company, which has toured throughout Europe and Central and South America.

Ridley Scott decision to replace Kevin Spacey in ‘All the Money in the World’ happened “in a heartbeat”

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