FOX changes release dates of 'Deadpool 2,' 'Gambit' and 'The New Mutants'


FOX is changing their release schedule of several of their X-Men films. Deadpool 2, Gambit and The New Mutants are all getting new release dates. 

Deadpool fans will be very happy to learn that the highly anticipated sequel to the 2016 film will now be opening two weeks earlier, moving from June 1 to May 18. The first film was a major success, grossing over $360 million domestically and over $780 million worldwide. The film will open a week before Solo: A Star Wars Story which should be another money maker for Disney and the Star Wars franchise.

The New Mutants, which is a unique horror/thriller take on teenage mutant heroes is being delayed ten months. The film was originally scheduled to be released on April 13, 2018. It has been pushed back to February 22, 2019. A reason for the delay of this film is due to the fact that they didn't want two X-Men films playing in international markets at the same time.

Gambit is also seeing a delay in its release date. The film is being pushed from a February 14, 2019 to a June 7, 2019 release date. The Channing Tatum-led film will probably serve better as a summer blockbuster and will hope to replicate some of Deadpool's success.

The film also just lose director Gore Verbinski today and the search is on for the next director.


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