Finally! Kylie Jenner's baby bump!

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So, Kylie really wasn't Kim's surrogate.

Kylie Jenner has kept under the radar since her pregnancy was announced, but new photos show her out and about with mom Kris sporting a baby bump.

Thanks to TMZ, we get to see Kylie for the first time since September in a photo that wasn't professionally taken or she didn't take herself. As we previously reported, she's been sharing headshots on Instagram since her first bump tease.

She did show up in the Kardashian/Jenner sister's Calvin Klein ad, neatly covered.

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters star in a new ad campaign for Calvin Klein. (Willy Vanderperre/Calvin Klein)
Willy Vanderperre/Calvin Klein

In the video, Kylie is wearing all black, which hides a lot, but we see her struggling to get out of the car a problem many almost-due women face.

We are thrilled to see Kylie out and about at this late stage in her pregnancy and wish her well in her final weeks before giving birth - she's due in February!

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