Teresa Tapp's fascia focus - The most effective exercise secret for success for 2018

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Fascia stretch sequence with mindful movement

In addition to maximizing muscle activation and body sculpting from head to toe, it also dramatically improves metabolic function! You can lose up to 2 sizes in 1 month!  

This special sequence of mindful movement delivers a  full body sculpting and fat burning Workout in less than 5 minutes!  In addition to increasing heart rate, strength and flexibility, it also increases fascia activation and lymphatic circulation - both of which decrease inflammation and increase your body's ability to use more fat for fuel.  Due to its extra focus on weight distribution, as well as maintaining full fiber muscle and fascia activation with equal tension during movement, it will deliver results everywhere.

It can target trim inner and out thighs, flatten the tummy, decrease back fat, budge armpit pudge and lift your derriere.  Best of all, it will help decrease trap dominance, improve shoulder balance and strengthen your posture.

Focus on Fascia has been woven into every T- Tapp exercise and Workout from the very beginning because it is incorporated into the muscle and fascia activation without any equipment or stretchy bands.  It only uses your brain and body to optimize activation, as well as lymphatic circulation, to achieve progressive strength and flexibility from head to fingertips and toes.

Fascia is a sensory network of fibrous tissue (from very thin and slippery to very tough tendons and ligaments)  .... fascia is one continuous network woven from head to finger and toes.... when healthy fascia "slides and glides" through movement but, over time and without activity, it can become "rigid and stiff" which not only hinders movement, it also increases inflammation and can be the cause of pain.

Did you know that there are more sensory centers within the fascia than in the muscles of your body?

In addition to wrapping around each muscle in your body and attaching the muscle to bone, fascia also surrounds each muscle fiber within the muscle.

So with the focus on improving fascia fitness, a person can significantly improve their metabolism too.

Since the T-Tapp Method creates full fiber tension of multiple muscles at the same time, it totally engages the fascia in every move you make so you can totally reshape your body from the inside out - even while walking,  standing or sitting.

Here is an example of how effective T-Tapp is for reshaping the body in 60 days:  Chantelle W:

Reshaping the body in 2 weeks:  Madeleine B.

This simple, but super effective "No Jump Jumping Jack" exercise that will reshape your body and help get your fascia fit (3 minutes):


And here is a total body -spine, core, and fascia- a stretching exercise that takes less than 2 minutes to do:


Want more?  I will be teaching several sample exercises at my "More than a Workout Free Seminar" on Saturday, January 13, 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina and the first 100 people who register will be given a free DVD.


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