Apple teases iOS 11.3, offering new battery features and AR improvements


And yes, there's new Animojis too.

Apple has recently announced some new features for the upcoming iOS update, version 11.3. The version is due to hit this spring and will work to bring Apple products better battery life (thank God) and AR experiences.

As far as battery life goes, iOS 11.3 will allow users to easily access and change battery health settings. Basically, this means that your battery will have a health meter and will offer recommendations on how to improve its life. You will also be able to disable the power management feature, which often slows down devices that have older batteries.

There’s also going to be a large amount of improved augmented reality features on iOS 11.3. ARKit 1.5 will be able to recognize certain vertical surfaces like walls and doors. It’ll also improve its ability to find and map irregularly shaped objects — like tables, chairs, etc. This will provide a more realistic and clearer world, as the new AR will have 50 percent sharper resolution.

The Animojis are back too — you know, those dancing animals that you can film yourself singing on. 11.3 will bring a dragon, lion, bear and skull (2 spooky 4 me) to users, bringing the grand total up to 16 usable characters.

Additionally, iOS 11.3 will deliver a new feature called business chat, where users can directly communicate with businesses through messaging, and health records — which can obtain all of a user’s previous medical records and conditions.

There’s a couple of minor changes being added as well: Apple Music will let you watch music videos without ads and to create playlist on said videos, the News app will have a ‘For You’ section of videos and HomeKit is getting software authentication support.

Keep your eyes out for iOS 11.3, which will be launching sometime this spring.

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