Willem Dafoe: Top 10 movies to encapsulate his career

Willem Dafoe is back in the public consciousness with the success of The Florida Project. His unique mannerisms and unmistakable appearance have landed him some very interesting and one of a kind roles. This actor has seemingly never shied away from quirky parts, challenging characters or the macabre. If you were introduced to Dafoe in The Florida Project, you have a whole lot of surprises ahead.

Willem Dafoe
Credit: Shutterstock.com

We have assembled here a list of must-see Dafoe films. They cover a wide range: from the creepy to the sensitive and from the absurd to the heartbreaking. Some, such as Spider Man, were huge blockbuster hits. Meanwhile, others had more of a cult following. Diving into this selection will provide a full-spectrum picture of this talented and singular actor. If you make it through, you may never look at Bobby the same way again.

Enter this always fascinating and often bizarre world at your own risk!

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