The top 10 best characters on FX's 'Fargo'

There’s no season like awards season.

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While this is the time where the awards for the best films of the year are released, it’s also a time when TV is celebrated and recognized.

This year, FX’s Fargo is once again up for a number of different ways. Having finished airing their third season this past June, the show has once again received large amounts of critical acclaim.

Fargo, set in the same town and universe and the 1996 Coen Brother’s film of the same name, is an anthropology series that’s claimed to all be based on true stories (most of them are actually fiction). Each season tells it’s own story, in its own timeline, that involves some element of a highly elaborate crime, all set in a tiny town in Minnesota.

Fargo is often praised for the representation of this setting, and the accents that the actors bare to go along with it.

To celebrate the awards attention Fargo is receiving, we’re listing our top ten favorite characters from the show. We opted to chose characters instead of, say, moments or scenes because there were just far too many to pick from. Characters at least tell you who to look out for and in which season.

Here’s our list:

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