TIME's 'Person of the Year:' The Silence Breakers

There is power in numbers! A statement that has carried weight for years. For this reason, TIME magazine had difficulty choosing just one "Person of the Year" because so many people have come together to combat sexual assault and harassment this year.

The silence has been broken and one single voice is not leading the pact, but many voices in unison advocating,

"Enough is enough!"

Some of Hollywood's best faced great scrutiny during 2017. People's character came into question because of allegations of sexual assault and harassment tainting the entertainment most enjoy. Not one, not two, not three but many have come forward sharing their story of sexual harassment and this is the creation of "The Silence Breakers."

"The Silence Breakers" are the contributors to the #metoo movement and all those who have spoken out against sexual assault. According to TIME, these are the people who “accomplished much in their own right” that year and “also symbolized the new consciousness of women generally.” Ultimately these are the voice for the voiceless.

TIME made a conscious effort to break tradition and give the "Person of the Year" title to a group that is well deserving due to their influence and push for change. So we proudly present to you, TIME's "Person of the Year."


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