Tech for Tweens - A guide for the savvy kid on your list


Headphones and tweens are like peanut butter and jelly. No matter where they go, they have a set on them.

Tweens are hard on their headphones, which is why we like the Krankz Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. The sound is amazing, with no tinniness like other headphones. Playback is super easy with the built-in controls - which also decreases droppage and cracked screens. Checking in on your tween when they're wearing these is also super easy since they hook up to the call audio as well as the music. Krankz headphones also come with a rechargeable battery when the estimated 36 hours of use time is up. The basic set retails for $99, and for tweens recording their own tunes, higher-end headphones are available.


For the uber-trendy, we are digging the Beat Kicks headphone covers. Tweens can match these covers to their outfit or express their uniqueness with the wide variety of colors, patterns and looks. Plus, no more sweaty grossness left on the ear cushions with these washable covers.

tech for tweens


For those who prefer to keep their awesome sound a bit more discreet, there's the Oomo earbuds. Unlike other earbuds, these 3D 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds are great for gamers, streamers and music buffs alike. The theatre-like surround sound makes capturing the enemy, hearing Netflix dialogue clearly and dissecting the latest Ed Sheeran song much easier.


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