Is Taylor Swift pregnant or just fat? The body-shaming continues.

Taylor Swift, Ready For It

Seriously, these are the questions fans are asking.

Taylor Swift has been scrutinized for her body from all angles, but the most recent round of body-shaming could put the most confident person in bed for a week.

Swift is being critiqued by fans and non-fans alike for her recent weight gain and looser clothing choices. They want to know if she's pregnant or just getting fat.

She has admitted to gaining weight - 15 pounds actually. She shared that information when rumors swirled back in October about a possible pregnancy. But haters gonna hate and sure enough, social media is ablaze with nasty comments.

Others are 150 percent sure Taylor is pregnant.

Even the parents are weighing in:

Taylor is making some major life changes, and if being happy and gaining some weight is what's working for her, there is no reason to judge. And let's be real, Taylor could gain another 50 pounds and still have more talent in her pinky than half the female singers out there.

Here's the "evidence." Take a look and tell us what you think about the rumors and hating below.

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