Take the whine out of winter with liquor

Warm your fingers and your toes, your heart and those you know with this selection of wines, spirits and beers that will make you all aglow.

Whether you're chilling at home, visiting a friend or having a party having a bottle of your favorite drink is a good idea during the holidays and cold winter months. Maybe you need a moment to unwind or a Hot Toddy for your cold. That's when your old standbys are perfect.

But sometimes, trying something new, especially from local, artisanal breweries can be as fulfilling as a classic.

Because you're probably not going to travel just to go to a distillery, we've taken some time to get to know some. And if you happen to be nearby, check out their tours, food and swag.

If you're staying home under a blanket, take a look at our list of newfound brands, some classics you should not miss as well as some cocktail ingredients that will take your everyday drink up a notch.

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