Possible dark horse films of the 2018 awards season

The 2018 awards season is heating up — with the Golden Globes having released their nominations, the AFI declaring their top ten movies of the year and the Gotham awards having already taken place.

dark horse
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Films like Call Me By Your Name, The Post, The Florida Project, I, Tonya, Get Out, Dunkirk, The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Lady Bird and The Disaster Artist are all expected to do very well in the awards season this year.

However, there are also a bundling of films that are referred to as the dark horse category — meaning films that have also come out this year that aren’t getting the same amount of buzz as those previously mentioned, but still have an outside chance of picking up some various nominations and wins.

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Dark horse films, realistically, probably won’t wind up taking home Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year. Yet, they’re films we’re still rooting for and hopefully have some kind of presence.

Here are our top 10 dark horse film picks of 2018.

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