Liza Koshy's #BeatsForBosses ad is more popular than other celebrities'

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Liza Koshy is used to being funny on video for her YouTube channel, but this time she brings her humor to Apple's ads for Beats Electronics series #BeatsForBosses.

The line of wireless earbuds is part of the Beats by Dre collection and have featured other stars like DJ Kahlid and Tom Brady. But it's Koshy who brings viewers to the ads, four times more than her counterparts.

In fact, YouTube's Susanne Daniels, who hit Koshy up for a YouTube Red series told the Wall Street Journal, “To me, she’s like the next generation of Lucille Ball. She’s not afraid to go for it, and you feel that lack of fear.”

So what does the YouTuber have that the boys don't? She's funny. You don't have to watch YouTube, you don't need to know football lingo, you don't need to know about her family. The video above draws viewers in with her funny voices and ends with a laugh as her mom hangs up on her. Totally relatable.

Koshy's ad below is a bit more orchestrated, but the vlogger takes things up a notch with her physical humor escaping a security guard amidst wardrobe changes and a puppy distraction to make her way to host TRL. Again, you don't have to know anything about her for her to be relatable.

We can totally see Liza Koshy's Beats ads being similar to Lucille Ball and we hope to see more of the YouTube star in the future.

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