Jake Paul's 'Litmas' starts an epic Christmas album

jake paul, litmas, christmas, music

Christmas is Lit

Jake Paul has created a Christmas playlist that has fans totally lit.

Starting with "Litmas," featuring Slim Jxmmi, and a video that has Jake in a Grandma costume, knitting with a child on his lap surrounded by elves the holiday season is amplified beyond imagination.

The video, which is almost at 5 million views, begins with Jake, in a scratchy, not very feminine voice telling his elves, "Back in my day, the only thing lit on Christmas were the lights."

And as only Jake Paul can, the world explodes.

jake paul, litmas, christmas, music
Credit: Jake Paul Litmas Video

Check the naughty list/And you’ll see our names - maybe for calling Mrs. Claus his side-chick. Santa would leave coal for that for sure.

Also on the playlist is an awful not-so-collaborative collaboration with brother Logan called "Jingle Pauls." Skip it, please, unless new eardrums are on your wishlist.

Then there's a Christmas version of the song he just had Gucci Mane remix, "It's Everyday Bro." "It's Christmas Day Bro" gives a few too many shout-outs to Ohio, but on the whole isn't bad.

The best on the list is the Team 10 rendition of "12 Days of Christmas." Nine reindeers twerking would be a sight to see. Here's what else is on the list - but you have to listen to it to get the variations Team 10 has included.

On the twelfth day of Christmas
Jake Paulers sent to me
Twelve million subs
Eleven vloggers vlogging
Ten diamond plaques
Nine reindeer twerking
Eight new puppies
Seven British booties
Six Gucci cases
Four pairs of Yellars
Three Jake Paul tees
Two new baby twins
With Chance and Anthony

Want to blow your own eardrums? Check out the full album here on Spotify:

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