‘Flash’ Crisis on Earth X-Part 3: Recap

In this episode of the Flash, we pick up on Earth-X with Barry, Oliver, Alex, Stein, Sara, and Jax trapped in a dark and upsetting prison camp.  It's occupied by those who do not fit the Nazis’ Aryan ideal, including Ray Terrill, who was imprisoned for being gay. 

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Quentin-X rounds up the Superfriends and marches them out to face a firing squad but Captain Cold’s heroic Earth-X doppelganger arrives in time to free them. Leo removes Ray’s collar and takes out the guards with some power beams.

Photo by: The CW

Later, Ray and Leo take the Superfriends to this Earth’s S.T.A.R. Labs, the resistance’s base, where they meet Winn’s Earth-X doppelganger, General Schott, who leads the resistance. The war-hardened general wants to destroy the heavily guarded multiverse gateway, which is the only way the Superfriends can make it back to their Earth.

While Alex pleads with General Schott to delay his attack on the gateway, Stein assures Jax that he’s family too. Leo wants to make sure his boyfriend can someday see his family again, manages to convince the general to postpone his attack on the gateway facility for an hour. 

Meanwhile back on Earth-1, Team Arrow, Cisco, Harry, and Caitlin are all trapped in the pipeline, while Felicity and Iris crawl through the ventilation system to do some recon on their enemies, who have Supergirl strapped to a gurney in the Cortex, and figure a way out. The women embrace their inner badasses and take out the soldiers guarding the pipeline, but unfortunately, the door is broken and they can’t open it. Now their only hope of taking S.T.A.R. Labs is freeing Supergirl from that red sunlight.

While Eobard waits for Kara’s cells to become adequately saturated with red sun radiation for the surgery, Kara gets some one-on-one time with her Earth-X doppelganger.

Photo by: The CW

Felicity and Iris use the computer in the Time Vault to disable S.T.A.R. Labs’ power, which shuts off the red sunlight lamp that’s weakening Kara. In the confusion, they wake up Kara and try to escape, but Metallo captures and returns them to Oliver-X and Eobard, whose motives for teaming up with the Earth-X Nazis feel very half-baked. Eobard threatens to kill Felicity with his vibrating hand unless she decrypts the system and turns the power back on. Kara begs Felicity to give him the code because, unlike Kara-X, she doesn’t want anyone to die for her.

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Back on Earth-X, Oliver infiltrates the base, where he discovers that the Earth-Xers have built their own Waverider, which they plan on using to take over multiple Earths. Oliver orders Quentin-X to send the Waverider through the portal, but Quentin-X smells something fishy and tests Oliver by handing him a gun and inviting him to execute Felicity’s Earth-X doppelganger, who was imprisoned for being Jewish. Oliver turns the gun on Quentin-X, but it’s empty. Oliver makes easy work of these guards and shuts down the metahuman dampeners, allowing his friends to launch their attack on the gateway room.

Photo by: The CW

As Green Arrow, White Canary, Citizen Cold, Alex, and Firestorm take on the forces guarding the gateway, Flash and The Ray take on the weapon General Schott sent to destroy the facility.

Back in the main battle, Jax and Stein decide that they need to separate so Jax can hot-wire the power cell while Stein turns on the gateway. Jax finds himself pinned down by gunfire, Stein gets shot as he runs toward the lever and bleeds out on the ground.

Find out what happens next in our recap of DC's Legends of Tomorrow in Part 4 of Crisis on Earth-X.

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