WATCH: Ed Sheeran collaborates with Andrea Bocelli on 'Perfect'

Ed Sheeran, Andrea Bocelli, Perfect

Ed Sheeran is harder to avoid on the radio right now than Christmas music. Whether it's "Galway Girl," "Castle on the Hill" or "Perfect" he's everywhere.

Please don't groan, but we've got a rendition of an Ed Sheeran song you've got to hear.

The pop superstar partnered with opera legend Andrea Bocelli on an orchestral remix of "Perfect."

In an interview with ET Canada, Sheeran said as soon as he heard the orchestral version his brother put together he felt it needed the voice of Bocelli to bring another dimension to the song.

He actually prefers this version over the others.

Bocelli says his sons introduced him to the song, which he came to love. He is impressed that someone half his age, the same age as his sons actually, could appreciate his voice in such a way.

Why is a collaboration between a pop singer and an opera great so special? It means, to Bocelli, that the language of his music translates to the younger generation and will live on in a world that speaks English above all other languages.

Sheeran agreed, saying the Italian language brought more emotion and romance to "Perfect."

What makes this video special, beyond the song, are the emotions on the faces of those watching - be it Bocelli's family, Bocelli listening to Sheeran and most of all, Sheeran's awe of Bocelli which is written on his face.

Listen to the pair on their collaboration, and wait to hear Sheeran sing in Italian, then tell us what you think below. Grab some tissues first.

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