Chrissy Teigen's dad gave John Legend a Willy Warmer for Christmas

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend

Best. Gift. Ever.

Well, maybe not for John Legend. But Chrissy Teigen's father, Ron Teigen Sr., has a heck of a sense of humor!

Teigen Sr. sent his son-in-law a Willy Warmer for Christmas this year. And it is what you think it is, a sweater for the penis and testicles.

The festive sheath was shared by Chrissy in a video on Twitter with the caption, "Thank u dad."

But Chrissy's dad's fun didn't end with the gift. He tweeted back at her writing, "There you go opening your sister's presents again."

If you know of someone in need of having their man bits warmed, the Willy Warmer is available on from BigMouth Inc.

They've also got Weener Kleener Soap to clean up after sweating your balls off.

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