Tonight on TV: Nov. 8 - SEAL Team, Star, CMA Awards, Riverdale

SEAL Team, Tonight on TV

It's a great night for country music fans tonight on TV with the 51st Annual CMA Awards airing.

For those who have no interest in country music other than checking out Blake Shelton on The Voice, don't worry, there's plenty of other shows tonight.

Wednesday night, what can I say about you other than OMG Riverdale? Let's talk about SEAL Team today, which another hottie, David Boreanaz plays the lead role and executive produces. The show got off to a rocky start with viewers, and if you remember, I mentioned they needed some more, ahem, romantic moments in the show - which they delivered that week. Ratings are strong enough that the show was given a full season, so there will be plenty more.

However, I still feel like there needs to be a bit more oomph in it. One of the talking points Boreanaz made while doing rounds for the show was that he wanted to keep the plot closely knit to how SEALs really live. And I applaud that. However.... it's still television and that tension we expect from Boreanaz himself (think Buffy and Angel, Booth and Bones) isn't quite there yet. I kind of think he may need to get out of his own head a bit and take off his shirt a bit more often.

I will leave you with that thought for the day, and with the list of what's new tonight on TV:

ABC - 51st Annual CMA Awards

CBS - Survivor, SEAL Team and Criminal Minds

FOX - Empire and Star

The CW - Riverdale and Dynasty

NBC - The Blacklist, Law & Order: SVU and Chicago P.D.

FXX - You're the Worst

Spike - Shannara Chronicles - two episodes at a new time, 9 p.m.

HULU - Chance - Ep. 207 “Define Normal”

Netflix - The Many Faces of Ito (Original Series)

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