‘Stranger Things 2’ recap: ‘The Lost Sister’

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In Stranger Things 2 episode "The Lost Sister," Eleven’s psychic connection to Terry continues to show her some startling information. She tells Becky what she is seeing and Becky has an idea. She tells Eleven that Terry kept files of missing girls that she thought might be like Eleven. Eleven looks through the newspaper clippings and recognizes one of the girls.

Eleven leaves the house and heads to Chicago. She is overwhelmed by the city at first and eventually ends up at an abandoned warehouse. She finds the girl from her visions and her sister. Kali is her name and she has a similar tattoo on her arm like Eleven. (This is the girl that we saw in the opening scene of season 2).

Eleven explains to Kali about what happened to her and how she has been staying with Hopper. Kali reveals her “magic” or power to Eleven. She can create illusions in people’s mind. Making them see things that aren’t really there. Kali feels whole now that Eleven has arrived. She thinks Terry sent Eleven to Kali for them to be together.

Eleven meets Kali’s gang and she explains how they are all outcasts and they are believe that Kali saved them. They have been tracking Hawkins Lab employees that were responsible for hurting Kali and killing them. Eleven seems a little surprised but reveals she is strong enough to do this. Kali gives Eleven a little motivation exercise which helps give Eleven the strength to channel her anger. This training exercise also shows us the rough, emotional journey that Eleven has been on so far.

Eleven recognizes one of the employees that was involved with her mother. Ray is the unlucky guy. Eleven is able to locate Ray’s apartment and after a quick outcast makeover, Kali, Eleven and the rest of the gang head for the apartment. They arrive at Ray’s apartment at night and put masks on. The first thing I thought of was The Purge. Similar masks. They break into Ray’s apartment and he has no memory of them. Kali shows him a vision of them as small children and quickly remembers them.

Ray begs for mercy as Kali is encouraging Eleven to kill him. Eleven starts slowly choking him to death and notices a picture by his head of him and his two daughters. The two daughters are in the other room and they have called the police. Eleven can’t bring herself to kill him and won’t allow Kali to kill him. They barely escape the police that are closing in on the apartment. 

Kali later explains to Eleven why she made the choice to use her powers against the ones that hurt her. She then tries to motivate Eleven down the same path by showing her a vision of Dr. Brenner that greatly upsets Eleven. Eleven later has a vision of Hopper and Mike at Hawkins Lab. Eleven knows they are in trouble. At the same moment police raid their hideout and with a little help from Kali’s powers, they are able to once again escape.

Eleven refuses to get in the van with Kali and her crew. Kali begs her to come with them but Eleven says she is sorry but must go back to save her friends. Kali seems crushed that her sister is abandoning her. Eleven hops on the bus and heading back to Hawkins to save her friends.

Stranger Things 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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