Soul Messengers takes it up another notch with their blues-drenched album, 'Vision & Faith'

'Vision & Faith' Art Cover, Soul Messengers

With a sound that is deeply imbued in the soul, R&B, and funk genres, the Sydney-based blues-soul revivalists, Soul Messengers are bringing their retro style music to audiences with their compelling new album, Vision & Faith. 

Consisting of Rich Aljinovic (vocals, guitar), Simon Morel (guitar), Hadi Anseil (bass), and Dave Kirby (drums), Soul Messengers are known for their energized live performances as lead singer Alijinovic brings up the rear with his soulful vocals, the bluesy rhythms of the bassline and rocking guitar vibes are not far behind.

Vision & Faith is the band’s third studio recording and is an enticing follow-up to 2015's ‘Dirty Soul,’ which reached #12 in the Australian’s Blues and Roots Charts.

The album opens up with “Let’s Go To Bed” that starts off with some melodious guitar riffs.  The track is upbeat with a catchy feel to the big-time bluesy vibe.  This is a groovy and sultry bluesy ballad with an entrancing beat and melodious vibe.

The following track is “It’s Too Late for Tears,” which incorporates a gritty bluesy appeal  The sounds of horns give off a jazzy flair to the track.  With radio-active guitars blaring off in the refrain, the big bluesy jive is never at a stand-still but rather the track continues to give off enthused playing and energized vocals throughout.  This track is a big bluesy blend of funk and rock with a dramatic storyline.  About lovers who are unwilling to reconcile or mend what is already broken, the epic guitar solo erupting towards the end of this track makes for a dynamic sound that paves this song.

“Don’t Let Them Tell You” showcases a slow-grooving bluesy sound with a melding of R&B and rock on this track.  The slower striding sound on this Motown-inspired ballad has a free-spirited approach with lyrics that gives off an optimistic vibe.  With a positive message that advocates for not letting criticism make who you are or hinder you in life, the uplifting sounds also come from the great bluesy rhythms and blazing guitar solos that sound off mid-track.

“Need Your Love So Bad” harnesses a soulful sound with slow grooves on this bluesy number.  The honeyed vocals take this soul-enhanced groove up another notch.  The great blend of funk and blues add up to a soothing sound and relaxing vibe.

“Eleanor Rigby” is a great rendition of a classic.  Soul Messengers takes this Beatles cover and adds a bluesy flair to this whimsical pop track.  An abundant groovy catchy sound is evident in the get-go.  There is, also, a great retro vibe on this track with vibrant guitar licks embedded from within.

The big bustling bluesy variety continues on the following tracks, on the jazzy and bluesy vibes off of “I’m Your Dog” and on the upbeat funk on “Wake Up.”

This blues and soul-drenched album provides a warm sound that will definitely stroke your hearts strings.  With this polished feat, Soul Messengers have made a devastatingly effective album, jam-packed with mesmerizing guitar licks, sultry vocals, and an ill-contained bluesy rhythm.

Vision & Faith was recorded at Sydney’s Q Studios, mixed at Half Mile Harvest Studios by Sam Teskey of Melbourne Soul outfit ‘The Teskey Brothers’ and mastered by Sydney master audiologist Rick O’Neil at Turtlerock.

About the process, Aljinovic explains:  “We really think this is our best work to date.  The arrangements and sound on the tracks are more ‘us’ than ever.  With Sam Teskey mixing we’ve got someone who really is into and understands that true soul sound.  We just love how he has taken care of this record.”

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