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McCrea s Candies, McCrea's Caramels

McCrea's Caramels are not your average caramel candy. And this year they have taken their flavors up a notch.

Jason McCrea began his venture into candy-making in his home kitchen with a wooden spoon, a few pots and pans, and a candy thermometer. McCrea isn't a chef though, he's a scientist with a background in chemistry with spectacular tastebuds.

The home-grown business boomed and McCrea looked to his wife, Kate for help. She runs the marketing and product development aspects of the company.

McCrea s Candies, McCrea's Caramels

This season McCrea's added some new flavors and gifting options to their catalog.

The newest flavor is Anisette, which they describe as aromatic and distinctive. I was brought back to my childhood and the flavors my Italian grandmother brought to the table at the holidays.

McCrea s Candies, McCrea's Caramels

Other flavors I could not wait to try from the were Cape Cod Sea SaltSingle Malt Scotch and Black Lava Sea Salt. The flavor that surprised me the most was the Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt. Its odd combination of strong flavors deeply satisfying.

Not sure which to pick? No worries. McCrea's has a mixed box of caramels with 9 flavors. For those passionate about caramel, McCrea's added a caramel of the month club and get 3 dozen pieces of one flavor of our luxe, handcrafted caramels.

McCrea s Candies, McCrea's Caramels

Too tempting to keep to yourself? McCrea's has gift certificates and a new short box option for the holidays.
Part of the concept behind building the company was the requests from Jason's children to make more caramels for teacher gifts, which is a great tradition to pass on.

For more information and to buy McCrea's Caramels visit them at

McCrea s Candies, McCrea's Caramels

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