Jim Vernon CEO of RockHer Haute Jewels talks taking the stress out of diamond shopping [AUDIO]

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RockHer Haute Jewels, an online jewelry store that just launched a brand new technology that will change the way people go shopping for engagement rings or just because diamond gifts.  They created an A.I.-enhanced digital gemologist named ROSI that simplifies the process and is leaving customers thrilled with their made-to-order diamond jewelry, as well as the customer service experience.

Shopping for diamonds used to be a little stressful.  Perhaps it was exciting, but it has the potential to be overwhelming.  What is your budget?  What are the options out there?  How can you find what you are seeking in one place?

Enter Adam Stein, scientist and tech visionary and CEO of Advantageous Solutions who created ROSI after he became frustrated when shopping for an engagement ring.  He knew that the process can be simplified by adding the right technology and he partnered with RockHer Haute Jewels, an online diamond store to develop ROSI.

ROSI analyzes more than 25,000 GIA-certified diamonds available on the global wholesale marketplace.  It conducts millions of calculations to make recommendations for customers on the perfect center stone. ROSI considers over 30 different diamond properties to provide a comprehensive analysis of the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color and carat). And, it also takes your budget into consideration.

“ROSI is a proprietary system developed and used by RockHer to help bring the best diamonds to the customer, basically, select the best value for the person's needs. And ROSI is an acronym for Rational Octahedron Search Intelligence.  It is a set of algorithms enhanced by artificial intelligence and IBM Watson to evaluate the many different characteristics of the diamonds that are available in the marketplace, cut through all the noise, cut through all the specifics and details, and analyze all that, and then present to the best options to the buyer,” said Jim Vernon, RockHer CEO.

The customer gets to decide what is most important to them.  Is size the biggest deal?  What about clarity?  Everyone has a different preference when it comes to their dream diamond.

“RockHer is using modern technology to bring a century of diamond expertise and fine craftsmanship to online bespoke engagement ring shopping,” said Vernon, “We are perfecting the creativity and the science behind diamond selection with a personal digital gemologist that expertly guides you through what could otherwise be an overwhelming shopping experience.”

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Industry-leading diamantaire Jim Vernon, President and CEO of Los Angeles-based RockHer spoke to Michelle Tompkins for TheCelebrityCafe.com about diamonds including what the new trends are, what makes ROSI from RockHer so extraordinary and what can be done to make diamond shopping less-stressful.

Listen to the interview here:

RockHer and info about ROSI can be found here.


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