Jake Paul apologizes to the Martinez Twins for bullying

Jake Paul

But is the apology genuine?

In the ongoing drama of Jake Paul vs. the Martinez Twins the latter has seemingly won the latest round.

Earlier this week, YouTubers Ivan and Emilio Martinez made claims against Jake saying that he bullied them on a daily basis.

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In their own YouTube video, the 18-year-old Spanish-speaking duo shared their thoughts on Jake and Team 10. They said, "We thought they could be our family... We used to love you Jake and we used to love Team 10, but not anymore. I (Ivan) went to bed scared, 8 months in a house going to sleep scared."

Deleted clips proving Jake did what the Twins alleged have been put together seem to have shaken Jake up enough to apologize.

Jake posted on Twitter, in a two-part apology, sharing that he should have been a better leader and didn't know that the Twins didn't get he was pranking them.

“First of all, I am so sorry to the Martinez Twins. Nobody should ever feel bullied, and I truly apologize for not doing a better job as a leader, and as a friend. Pure and simple, I owe you guys an apology.”

He also blames them in his apology saying his pranks were misunderstood because of the language barrier and had they told him they were uncomfortable he would have changed his ways.

In the time Ivan and Emilio were in the Team 10 house they witnessed another apology from Jake, one to his neighbors and the news media after he was cited for disturbing the peace. So, just speculation here, but maybe they know that Jake's totally different when the cameras aren't running - I mean, we saw above what he would do to them for the cameras.

Do you think Jake Paul genuinely means his apology to the Martinez Twins or is it all to maintain his image?

Check out the full list of accusations the Twins made against Jake and let us know what you think:


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