'Ghosted' recap: 'Ghost Studz'

Workaholics meets Ghosted.

The seventh episode of Fox’s Ghosted, entitled “Ghost Studz,” found our favorite pair of paranormal investigators trapped in a whole new dimension.

This episode of Ghosted kicked off introducing us to the Ghost Studz — a pair of reality TV stars named Jared (Blake Anderson) and Chaz (Anders Holm) who investigate haunted or abandoned buildings, similar to shows like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, etc.

These two don’t ever actually encounter anything paranormal or other-worldly, of course — it’s all just an act for the camera and they’re just in it for the money.

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Max and Leroy, however, aren’t acting. They’ve encountered real ghost and monsters, and now are being sent undercover to protect Jared and Chaz on an upcoming film-shoot. The Ghost Studz are filming at Highguard Mental Hospital — a location that, according to Lafrey, is actually haunted.

Therefore, Max and Leroy are going to pose as camera-men and sound technicians, to make sure that Jared and Chaz don’t accidentally stumble upon anything that’s actually dangerous. Max pretty much thinks the whole thing as a joke, seeing how he’s the real paranormal expert here and these guys are just phonies, but Leroy is actually somewhat jealous. The Ghost Studz are widely famous, after all, and being famous comes with perks. Working for a secret underground bureau where no one knows what you do doesn’t quite carry the same amount of recognized prestige.

The two of them show up to the set — Max going so far as to disguise himself with a pony-tail — to find that the Ghost Studz are even dumber than they imagined. Dumb and cocky as hell, that is.

credit: Youtube

It doesn’t take long for one of them — Jared — to recognize Max, either. Max was Jared’s professor back when he taught at Stanford. Max has somewhat warm memories of Jared, seeing how he got good grades in his class (he later finds out that Jared was cheating the whole time), but Jared wastes no time in humiliating Max. “Wow, you are like a total loser now,” he says. “I heard you went, like, psycho when you’re wife left you, but you have hit rock bottom. This is rock bottom, right? I mean, you’re a microphone holder?”

Leroy doesn’t have any better luck trying to connect with Chaz, as he comes away from their conversation feeling even worse about not being famous. Yet, despite their newfound hatred for their targets, Max and Leroy agree they have a job to do and continue to look after them.

Back at the office, Leroy’s recent declarations have gotten to Barry, and he’s now decided that they deserve perks. He marches into Deidre’s office, who Annie warns him “will eat her,” and demands a new office chair right this instant. He later gets it, but Deidre has to sell pretty much all of the supplies around the office to be able to afford it — making Barry look like a complete scumbag.

Meanwhile, Jared and Chaz have actually wandered into something paranormal and are now in danger. After goofing around the abandoned hallways (and simultaneously being high on shrooms), they’ve found and entered into a portal to another dimension and are now trapped.

It doesn’t take Max and Leroy long to find the portal — which is coming from inside a refrigerator. They jump in to save them, despite Leroy’s better judgment and find themselves in an overly exposed room with a bunch of high-pitched noises.

credit: Youtube

“We actually transgressed the very fabric of space and time,” Max says. “We crossed into another dimension and it just looks like we’re on the set of a Nine Inch Nails video.”

After walking through some of the other rooms, trying their very best to remember the route they took, they eventually come across Jared and Chaz huddled in a corner and slowly freezing to death. They convince the two to follow them, only after a bunch of weird lights flash and some creepy figures pop up behind them.

And, of course, they fail at remembering the way they took to get there and end up lost — a serious problem considering the shadowy figures are showing up more and more. Jared and Chaz are ready to give up and admit death but Max, due to his quick thinking, makes a compass that points back to the portal out of a needle they find — showing the pair of dunces that science isn’t as useless as they may have thought.

They make their way back to the portal and enter back through it — only after Chaz takes a selfie with the monsters that have followed them, of course. Leroy saves him last minute by punching the monsters in the face and they all return safely.

Chaz and Jared are thankful, mostly solely to Leroy, despite not remembering most of the incident and blaming the trippy visions on the shrooms.

credit: Youtube

With the mission complete, Max and Leroy head back to the bureau. They turn on the TV to see the Ghost Studz having tried to re-create the entire event with actors to replace Max and Leroy (Leroy’s actor is practically a male model while Max is played by a boney, creepy looking guy) and some not-so-spectacular visual effects. “Yeah, they look different, but they totally nailed your vibe,” Annie laughs.

Make sure to tune into Fox at 8:30 EST to watch the new episodes of Ghosted (they’re taking this week off for Thanksgiving), and also check out our other Ghosted recaps by clicking here.

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