The Game Awards - Reveals and trailers we hope to get

Game Awards, Death Standing, video Game

The Game Awards are coming up soon, airing on Dec. 7. Every year the awards make a fuss over the best and brightest in the gaming industry - well-deserved props for the amazing job everyone does. The work from game players, game developers and more in what the New York Times has deemed the Oscars of Gaming is touted to an international audience.

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And with that audience, what better time than to drop some big reveals for 2018 gaming? With just 7 days left until the show, here are the reveals we are hoping to see.

Devil May Cry 6 

It's already been leaked that Capcom is putting this out, so a big reveal in front of a live, international audience would totally boost the excitement.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima Productions PS4 game comes out in just a few weeks and with Kojima’s relationship with the Game Awards, it would be mutually beneficial to showcase this work.

Game Awards, Death Standing, video Game
Credit: Death Standing

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: The Champions’ Ballad

It's never a bad time to talk about Zelda, but with the huge success of Breath of the Wild and new development footage of Zelda making her way to both the Flight Range and and Gerudo Town, this would be a strong reveal.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Twenty years later, the game that defined the childhoods of many gamers, which has had a promise of a reboot for two years now, is still sitting in a development vortex. An update from Capcom about the game that fingers are itching for would be a great way to enter 2018.


This RPG from BioWare and Electronic Arts was featured at Microsoft’s E3 2017 but hasn't been in the news much of late. Since it's due out Fall of 2018 some fresh news would help pull the anticipation into the new year.

Soul Calibur VI

The rumor that's starting to stick is that Soul Calibur VI is coming out this December. A reveal like this would really have the Game Awards pulling out all the stops. Plus, it was already thought that a reveal to end this 5-year wait would happen at the PlayStation Experience 2017 - and it didn't.

Which reveal are you hoping will make the Game Awards? Any that we missed? Tell us below. And stay with us for updates or get the news in your inbox by signing up here.

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