Fusion vocalist Miriam Tamar builds more humanitarian connections on Worldbeat singles

"Who We" and "Firedance" Art Cover, Miriam Tamar

Worldbeat artist Miriam Tamar fuses her humanitarian work with her music.  Eliciting soundscapes that encompass the sweeping landscape and rhythmic pulse of world culture, Tamar has traveled abroad and worked with Uganda villages, where she found a studio in a small mud hut and wrote songs with a local producer there.  Music discovery led her to the capital city of Kampala, where she worked to manage a studio.  In 2014, she relocated to Los Angeles, immersing herself in the music scene there as she grows to thrive on her artistry.

“Who We (Morsy Remix)” starts out with energized electronic beats, as the music video opens up with scenes of the desert with Tamar continuing down her trek across the sand dunes with her long scarves flowing behind her in a billowy wave in the background.  Shot entirely by a drone, the camera follows Tamar as she journeys her way through the desert landscape accompanied by global fusion beats evident on the remix.  The desert scenes are definitely an apt backdrop to the World Music beat synced with great percussions and soaring synths with a carefully crafted ambient vibe.  The captivating scenery catapults and complements the obviously epic scope and sound of the single that tracks soaring and ethereal washes that make this single a great escape.  The MV closes with the night falling over the desert scenery.

“Firedance (Morsy Remix) ft. Breakdance Project Uganda” opens up with a World Music fusion beat and a great Contemporary Radio sound.  The soothing and smooth cadences reconcile a charged, amped feel to the electronic beats.  The music video showcases the Breakdance Project Uganda, featuring the kids from the nonprofit dance program flashing their hip-hop style dance moves.  The MV incorporates some great breakdancing moves from the group.

Similarly, in both singles and music videos, there is a fieriness evident on the sound and visuals.  These singles are an anthem for those who wish to aim higher.  These tracks are for those who want to do more than just show off some dance moves.

Be sure to give “Who We” and “Firedance” a listen today!  They won’t just get you worked up on the dance floors, they are also empowering works with a strong and distinct message.

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