Cathy Carlson shares the progress on her movie about Andy Dick [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Last spring, introduced you to fascinating filmmaker Cathy Carlson whose film Everybody Has an Andy Dick Story was beginning to make the rounds at film festivals.  This film is getting lots of buzz, however, the subject of this film has been creating lots of headlines on his own.

Carlson believes that this is par for the course when dealing with Andy Dick.

Everybody Has an Andy Dick story could be called a eulogy for the living. More than 120 people volunteered to participate in it including Ben Stiller, Kathy Griffin, Moby, Margaret Cho, Matt Sorum, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Steve-O, Sherri Shepherd, Jim Jefferies, Dana Gould and more.

See the original interview with Cathy Carlson here.

Carlson has a dual role regarding Andy Dick. She is a passionate filmmaker who knew that he would make a great subject for a documentary and put her heart and soul behind it.  She will not apologize nor make excuses for Andy. However, on the other side, she is also his long-time friend.  She has known him since college and worries about his safety, happiness and well-being.

Filmmaker Cathy Carlson circled back with Michelle Tompkins for about what’s new with the film, why she thinks that Andy has a reputation for alienating people, what she thinks of the TMZ interview, what’s next for the film and more.

Made a bouquet for my good friend Cathy Carlson, director of EVERYBODY HAS AN ANDY DICK STORY. premiered last night. #comedy

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Michelle Tompkins:  What’s new with you?

Cathy Carlson:  Insomnia is new with me. Kind of afraid that I'm forgetting to do something so I'm up late again tonight.

MT:  What’s going on with Everybody Has an Andy Dick Story?

CC:  We did a sneak preview at the Hollywood Improv on Melrose last night… it was really fun to see how it played at a comedy club.

MT:  For those who are new to this story, tell me about your film?

CC:  I made a documentary about Andy Dick. And it's a new style of documentary.

MT:  Now, how do you defend Andy’s behavior?

CC:  As a filmmaker, it is not my job to defend his behavior.

MT:  What did you think of the TMZ interview?

CC:  It was interesting. Did TMZ think this is real and that he considered suicide?  If so, I would hope that they would have called the ambulance or the police.  Or did they think Andy Dick was just provoking them so that they didn’t feel the need to take him seriously?  Either way, it wasn’t, didn’t do anybody any good.

MT:  How do you feel about what’s going on with Andy in the press lately?

CC:  I don’t like that everybody is calling him mentally ill.  What if he does have issues?  What if there is something going on with Andy Dick, do we really want to exploit someone’s mental health?

He is a genius and his brain works faster than anyone I ever met. And if he were a scientist he’d be explaining why the String Theory is bullshit. There is no end to what mad brilliant scientists can create. Even mad scientists have people the can relate to because they have a community. You’ve got very few comedic genius minds in this world.

MT:  Why do you think Andy alienates people?

CC:  I asked Dr. Drew “Do you think Andy is peerless?”  I don’t think he can have a playdate with anyone that lasts very long and I don’t think it is because he is intentionally trying to alienate people.  In his mind, he wants to wake people up.  He wants someone to play with.  And he will do pretty much whatever it takes to not feel alone.

Sometimes he does the wrong thing. I do not judge and condemn Andy Dick.  I feel like I am Dian Fossey with Gorillas in the Mist and I am just observing.

MT:  Which film festivals have you been in?

CC:  Recently: Universal film festival in Kansas City, Just for Laughs... Montreal... There's been 11 total… So far.

MT:  How are the festivals each a bit different?

CC:  The difference is remarkable.  Comedy Film festivals are really up for it.  Documentary Film Festivals don't return as much laughter.

MT:  Now that some time has settled between doing the interviews and showing the complete film, is there anything you would have liked to do differently? Anyone else you would like to include?

CC:  I think that I gave this everything that I had to give...  and I could film this movie forever.  So many people have great stories.

MT: When will it be screened again?

CC:  The next screening is at The New York Comedy Festival on Nov. 10 at The Roxy Cinema Tribeca at 5:30 p.m., The Liar's Club Chicago on Nov. 11 8:30 p.m. and then at Rock Valley College in Rockford, Illinois on Nov. 17 at 6 p.m.

Everybody Has an Andy Dick story poster [Image by Robert Sebree @sebreephoto]
MT:  What are your short-term and long-term professional goals?

CC:  Short-term is to distribute this and make a bunch more of this style of documentary for  America and the international market. There are some fascinating characters in this world.

Long-term, I have five Post-It notes on a bulletin board of projects that I am dying to bring to fruition. This documentary started off that way. It lived as a Post-It note for a year on that bulletin board and now it's here.  And I love directing comedy. I love bringing out the funny in people.

MT:  What is something that you would want people to know about Andy Dick?

CC:  He's drawn to chaos.

MT:  Do you have a recent anecdote?

CC:  It's not recent, but it's my favorite.  A friend of mine, who is an L.A. Police officer, was at a bar with Andy and a few other people when Andy pickpocketed him and bought drinks for everybody with that money. Classic Andy Dick.

MT:  What are you watching on TV or movies these days?

CC:  The Voice.  I cry almost every time the judges make a steal.

MT:  What’s next for you?

CC:  Therapy

Learn more about Cathy Carlson and her film Everybody Has an Andy Dick Story here.


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