Top 10 NYC shows to catch this Halloween season

It’s Halloween season in New York City. We all know what that means: the parade, parties, haunted houses and so on. Everyone loves the festivities saturating this autumn air. However, Halloween is not just about tiny costumes and booze. We know, hold on and hear us out.

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This season is about the spooky, unusual and adventurous. You may find that spirit of exploration and darkness while drinking something green (probably with a name that, if we’re honest, is too cute for Halloween) as you cram yourself into a bar in the village. Just in that is not quite enough for you though, we would like to offer an alternative.

Whether you’re thinking ladies night out, afternoon with old friends – or are desperate for a unique idea as you plan that possibly awkward tinder date – we have you covered. Immersive theater, art exhibitions, killer music and classic films are everywhere this time of year. Where you want a slightly insane night, or a relaxed daytime affair, there is something for you on this list. So without further adieu, we present our Top 10 NYC shows to catch this Halloween season.

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