Remix wizard and beats master Run DMT unleashes his newest album, 'Revolutionaire Re-Imagined Vol. 2'

'Revolutionaire' Art Cover, Run DMT

John D. Robbins who goes by the moniker Run DMT is releasing an exciting new full-length album, entitled, Revolutionaire Re-Imagined Vol. 2.  In 2010, the popular DJ began a journey that spanned over 2 albums, having played many festivals that include Coachella, and with remix collaborations that include The Who, Major Lazer, Twenty One Pilots, Bassnectar, and more.

Run DMT’s newest album, Revolutionaire harnesses a sound that directly speaks to his no-holds-barred attitude towards music.  The album also encompasses his signature heavy bass licks that will have audiences lining up to get on the dance floors.  Revolutionaire is inspired by a fictional city on the brink of destruction, but finds recourse in the positive forces that emerge to free the people from the chaos.  With the release, Run DMT is pursuing both his love for music and cinema and the record will be instrumental in the DJ enlisting his backlog of styles with many updated original throwbacks to blow audiences away.

Revolutionaire opens up with “Analogue Noir (Clockvice Remix),” a track that is filled with a buzzing electronic vibe and a busy feel.  The remix is clamoring with the sound of horns towards the beginning of the song.  A jazzy feel is also incorporated in the track.  Some spoken words are heard in the song that are dubbed over by the instrumentals throughout the track.  A unique mix and blend of electronic vibes and beats, the warbling synthesizers also add to the sound.  With blips and bleeps going off on the electronic section, the blaring on the horn section also keeps the track real.

“LDA (feat. Subtronics) [Zebber Encanti Experience Remix]” has an energized sound coming from the soaring synths.  There is definitely a pulsating feel to the electronic beats as the spoken vocals are synced throughout the track.  There is a diced feel to the production as the invigorating electronic vibe spirals around a nearly psychedelic sound with the word “acid” getting thrown throughout the song.

“Dub, The People (feat. Weird 2 Jah)” incorporates a tropical flavor.  With this island flair and great groovy vibe, the fast delivery in the rap style elicits a reggae feel.  The vocals are fire-y and resound with a great Caribbean beat.

“Rhythm Runners (Barrington Levy & Dirt Monkey) [Wolf E. Wolf Remix]” is another reggae-influenced track.  With a tropical vibe and island flavors, the glitch-y electronic beats offer up a bouncy feel.  The atmospheric and ambient style on this track culminates in the dissembling of, of blaring of electronic fare.

“Gamma Ray (feat. Vorso) [Zaiaku Remix]” is urgent sounding with a pressing cadence.  There is definitely a dramatic feel on this dark, ominous, and haunting electronic track.  The exotic electronic vibe altogether carries a scorching sound filled with a smoky aura of atmospheric and bouncy beats.

“I Saw A Light (Sobo) [Bachelor of Science Remix]” harnesses some ethereal sounds paved by an airy, light, and aerial spiraling cadence.  With an enticing Middle Eastern vibe, the haunting electronic layers and vocal harmonies give off an energized feel.  With its up keyed flavor, a robotic voice sounds off in the middle of the track.

“Tesseract (Ludge Remix)” takes vocals that fades in and out of the track and brings it up a notch with vibrating synths, bouncy beats, and an out of control vibe with the strong pulsating bassline.  There is a great trance sound on this song with an invigorating EDM feel.  Shimmering and sparkly electronic video game sounds could be detected as well.

“Voodou (feat. Jacq, Knat Turner & Zeale) [Makak Remix]” has an announcer that does a speech towards the beginning of the track.  The vocals, here, are sultry and jazzy.  The singing is also filled with a great R&B flavor.  The speedy delivery on the rap style delves into a great hip hop vibe.  The gigantic sounds erupting from the thumping bass rhythms gives off a tumultuous sound that reveals a haunting and dark feel.  The furious rapping showcases a ferocious hip hop style as a melodious piano tune traces the track.

“Jellyfish (Aiden’s Song) [FNGRNLS Remix] covers the sounds of the splashing of water, which is apparent in the beginning of the track.  The trickling of the music box could heard on this happening electronic vibe.  With a blithe and lithe tone, the harmonious feel has a catchy feel to the upbeat and sunny sound.  The glimmering and shimmering details on this whimsical track offers up a quirky cadence as lush strings depict the movements of the jellyfish.  This song blends a mix of acoustic instrumentals with electronics, here, to give a melding of airy and melodious sounds.

Run DMT treks the subconscious of EDM territory here on Revolutionaire Re-Imagined Vol 2.  With his driven sound, he reels in expressive beats fused with a mechanical, industrial sound.  Run DMT lets loose in his knock-out style a fervent kind of energy that is evident through his glitch-y induced beats and thumping basslines.

Altogether an endeavor that will have audiences gathering up on the dance floors, the album is about projecting our frustration into something positive.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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