Logan Paul buys Encino estate for $6.55 million

Logan Paul

That's a lot of money.

The agreements that were signed may have been non-disclosures, but it’s no secret who the new owner of the Ecino estate is. YouTube personality Logan Paul has recently purchased the mansion for $6.55 million — and has a couple of videos to his YouTube channel to prove it:

“It’s very surreal,” Paul, not to be confused with his brother Jake Paul, says in the video. “…signing the papers this morning. Once we actually get inside the house and find a new creative space, my brain is going to open up, the vlogs are going to get better. I never thought in my life I thought I’d be able to buy a house this nice."

Two days later, on Oct. 22, he posted a 28 minute long video touring the house. And, as you probably have guessed by now, it’s huge and incredibly gorgeous.

The mansion features a glass-enclosed wine wall, a spacey backyard with a swimming pool and outdoor kitchen, a climbable roof with a gorgeous view and some art that was gifted to Paul from his parents as a housewarming gift, whom Paul says need to come out to visit sometime soon.

It sits on an acre in Rancho Estates neighborhood, in Long Beach California. Prior to Paul’s purchase, actor Ryan Stiles and Oscar-winning makeup artist Stan Winston were both former owners. The manor was originally designed by architect Robert Byrd, then renovated by developer Maxim Cherniavsky in the 1970s. The interior now sits at over 8,700 square feet.

Logan Paul seems to be thrilled with his new living space — promising parties and videos galore. At the end of his tour, he gives a speech inspired by his investment. “I will be a champion,” he says. “I will be the greatest. I will be the best. I am the best. I put this in my brain.”

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