Lucy Monciel & Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi releases soaring new single, "Destiny"


Award-winning producer Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi, who is the founder and producer of InterContinental Concerts and established singer-songwriter Lucy Monciel have decided to collaborate together on a world fusion contemporary electronic track, entitled, “Destiny.”  Performed for the first time during the “Bringing Love show” by InterContinental Concerts, a multimedia production organization that produces music, live concerts, performance videos and feature films, the song’s concept of worldwide acceptance of diversity and unity under the same banner is fused with world fusion electronics with Duduk solos (Armenian Instrument).

The pair’s colorful single, “Destiny,” contains traces of the Duduk, a fundamental instrument in the Armenian culture, throughout the intro and most of the rest of the track.  Backed by electronics and a trance, EDM feel to the track, dancing piano keys makes the music sound elegant and smooth.  A great pumped energy pervades the single, as well as towering synths and great charged electronics.

With Monciel’s operatic singing and with Zonoozi’s distinct elements of trance dashing listeners onto the dance floors, the hyped electronic fare with universal themes makes “Destiny” a textural piece of world music filled with a contextual basis.

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