Psychedelic band Revolushn produces funk and blues driven album

Revolushn's Further!! album cover

San Francisco psychedelic rock band Revolushn got its start as a studio group that played songs written by No (guitar) and Dekay (drums).  The group’s first album, The Freshman, received critical acclaim, airplay, and modest sales.  Further!! is the band’s follow-up.

The creative process took 16 months from the point the band had to make some personnel changes and stop performing to settle down and start recording and producing the second Revolushn album, entitled, Further!!

The album opens up with a great plush rock sound and overarching vocal harmonies with layers that will remind one of seedy rock clubs and the dusty streets of California, the sanctioned and hallowed grounds for some great rock ‘n’ roll.  The demented sound on the title-track “Further” whirls around and is blurred in with a funky vibe.  Waves of psychedelic in the sound follows through with warbling synthesizers and interwoven soaring vocals.

“Time + Travel = Time” carries an anthem-like and thunderous sound.  Guitar heavy and filled with a fervent energy, the epic quality undulates with rollicking, fast guitars and an exuberant sound.

The gigantic sounds coming from “Dinosaurs” clashes on a tide of guitars.  Wave after wave of guitars bounce off raging vocals and moody electronics.  Dekay keeps great rhythms on the drums.  The contrast of raging vocals and moody electronics elicit a great pop cadence radiating with a great retro vibe.  A steady sped of rhythmic guitars, fast drums, and a wall of heavy electric guitar make for a dynamic and appealing sound.  With epic themes of a world where the mammoth giants ruled the world 200 million years ago, this track is an ode to the Jurassic era.  The giant sound of moody guitars and radioactive guitar solos blend together a stellar and electric sound.

The dissembling electronic nodes, ambient synths, and keyed up rhythms on drums offer up a melodic feel on the next track, “The River.”  The soaring music really sticks to you and can come across as dark and haunting.  The vocals filled with reverb has a garage feel to the recording, and jamming in a sublime guitar solo towards the end makes for a sweeping, rich sound infused with gritty textural keys.

“Weird Little Minds” starts off on a quirky and catchy, upbeat vibe.  With surfer connotations, the psychedelic sound that vibes through twists with interweaving guitars and a juxtaposing radio-active sound.  The psyched amped feel you may get from this stellar track harnesses a bouncy sound, filled with attention-grabbing beats and some raw energy.

Armored with a clashing guitar sound, Revolushn continues to distinguish itself as a hard rocking band in the ambitious track “Man Who Knew Everything” that rocks out with a great bluesy vibe.  The bluesy flair seamlessly follows in “You Will Go,” filled with memorable guitar licks and sonorously belted out vocals.

On “Dog Gets High” the scorched, highly psyched sound gets revised into a more gritty-based, drifting sound that is played with dripping ease.  Here, the layered vocals stretch on and on into the abyss, and then the drums and guitars gather on rhythm to produce a more polished sound that is less strained.

“All Is As It Should Be” weaves in a cacophony of guitars played under speedy duress.  This wave of sound fleshes out instances of funk, psychedelic, and hard rock into the mixture.  The distinctive music erupts in flares and sudden spurts of epic guitar riffs that suddenly ends in an abrupt stop towards the end of the song.  This happens with no sudden warning – an apt ending to an unpredictable sound.

With an ambitious cadence that sounds like the ferocious drumming battle-cry of demented angels, this is music burning to be heard.  Revolushn plays visionary music with a driven bent to assimilate hard rock to the masses.  Not to be taken lightly, this is giant and volatile music being played with sudden screams of insight and flares of psychedelic that can evolve at any turn.

All 9 tracks on the album are played with uncanny energy and with a sound that is viscerally meant for the flesh and blood.

This work can easily be defined as an oxymoron of ‘ordered-chaos,’ rectifying an industry of rock ‘n’ roll made out from an well-oiled machine with an mechanism to produce bustling rock music done so with unique style and precision.

Revolushn plays visionary music with a driven bent to assimilate hard rock to the masses.
The Good

All 9 tracks on the album are played with uncanny energy and with a sound that is viscerally meant for the flesh and blood.

The Bad
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