Poll Showing Kid Rock Lead in MI Senate Race

Kid Rock for Senator of Michigan?
Kid Rock and a Fresh New Hell out of Michigan.

Kid Rock, the rapper/rocker/country-star has been maintaining for a few months that he's running for Senator in the state of Michigan. In a move designed to amp up the anxiety level of almost every creature across every spectrum of  politics, he retweeted a poll claiming that he's is ahead of Debbie Stabenow.

Of course its one of those 'consider the source' kind of retweets.

The Gateway Pundit.

Rock Retweeted a link from the Gateway Pundit

At least as reliable for accurate political reporting as Mellisandre on the Baratheons.

Anyways, Robert James Ritchie (betcha didn't know that was Kid Rock's real name) retweeted a link Monday morning (July 24) that showed him leading in a poll against the Democratic incumbent: Debbie Stabenow.

Gateway Pundit linked to a Delphi Analytica poll showing the rightwing leaning musician leading Stabenow 30 percent to 26 percent respectively.

Whether or not that's true, or what kind of polling questions were used to ascertain the stomach upsetting outcome will have to remain a mystery. As of publication, the site is down.

Kid Rock, not kidding. Apparently.

Rock, following the trend toward twitter political primacy, announced his decision to run for Senate by tweeting a picture of a yard sign reading "Kid Rock for U.S. Senate" with a link to a website set up to represent the campaign.

Its the season for celebrity political runs apparently, as another Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is currently out teasing a Presidential run. Even the New York Times seems to be taking that possibility seriously.

Of course, he might not be the only celebrity in the Presidential race for 2020. No less than Mark Zuckerberg, one of the founders of Facebook, is lurking in the waters as well. Of course, at 33, he would have to wait until at least 2024 to run, but current polls show that he could take 40% of the vote---leaving him in a tie with the current President of the United States.


Look out Senator Stabenow.

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